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Equalities Group

“The curriculum for pupils’ personal development is impressive. The school provides every pupil with the opportunities that they require to become active citizens in modern Britain, including a vast array of extra-curricular activities. Pupils develop a deep understanding of the importance of tolerance. This includes people who may be different from themselves. For example, pupils learn in depth about religious diversity. The way that the school promotes pupils’ physical and mental health is striking. Pupils develop a secure understanding of how negative relationships can affect both their physical and mental health.” Ofsted, 2023

The Schools Equali tea group consists of an enthusiastic and proactive group of staff and pupils. Our aim is that everyone has equal access and opportunity in School and in the wider world.

Through the efforts of the whole School Community we have achieved the UNICEF rights aware Silver Award in March 2023 and are working towards the Gold award of fully embedded rights across the School.

We celebrate many events held through the year such as Black History Month, World Human Rights day and Pride Week.

We have an Equalitree in the School reception which is regularly decorated to represent cultural diversity recent decorations have included celebrations on Thanksgiving, Diwali, Black History Month and St Andrews Day. We have had many positive comments from visitors into School. 

We work closely with SHARE a community charity who support refugees in the local area. Our School has hosted a fundraising football competition with refugees taking part. SHARE have also invited pupils and staff to a BBQ and SHARE have presented an assembly to pupils. Pupils have attended a community event run by SHARE at Huyton Library.

We also work closely with red box project to end period poverty.

We are proud to work with our partnership Schools in Bangladesh and India with cultural exchange emails and letters.

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