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Vocational Qualifications and Enrichment

Curriculum Intent

Enrichment throughout the curriculum is an approach to ensure that we provide a range of engaging activities. The opportunities provided aim to continually build on the resilience of students, their cultural knowledge, develop behaviour for learning and increase engagement overall.

Our available activities continue to be developed and up-dated regularly. Some of the opportunities which have been available to students include;

The aim of our enrichment lessons is to enhance pupil’s experience of the national curriculum and help pupils to develop spiritually, socially culturally and morally. Lessons are designed to give pupils the confidence to thrive in the wider community by expressing themselves and displaying their talents to the full.

This Cross curricular Department had many well established links to the local community.

Enrichment passports

Enrichment passports have been given to all pupils so they can track progress in  personal development through a wide range of  activities across the School. These include learning a new skill, engaging in a community project, taking part in a cultural activity and developing career skills.  

Pupils have their passports stamped by teachers to recognise  progress in enrichment activities. 

 The Passports are a  lasting record of pupil personal development and are designed to promote the Schools core values of care, courtesy, determination and resilience.


Pupils can celebrate their  achievements by Graduating once they have collected stamps . This is a wonderful reward for pupils hard work and a recognition of progress made in personal development.

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