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The English curriculum at Alt Bridge is ambitious and progressive. It is sequenced to ensure that prior skills, knowledge and understanding are continuously built upon, and students are constantly required to refer to their previous learning. We focus on embedding core knowledge of themes, characters and plot which then allows students to develop their analytical skills.

In English, we have 5 key components from which students are assessed, these are: core knowledge; authorial craft; creative responses; analytical skills and vocabulary, punctuation, spelling, sentence structures and grammar. Each topic in English will focus on a specific strand of each component to ensure our curriculum continuously builds on these five key areas of understanding English.

We study a diverse and rich collection of novels, plays and poems as well as short stories and spoken forms of communication dating from Shakespearian England up to the modern day. We celebrate our local heritage and explore the linguistic accomplishments of Liverpool’s most celebrated icons. Additionally, our curriculum is influenced by key cultural and world events to ensure our learners have a rich understanding of the challenges and accomplishments of all cultures and diversities.

Studying English at Alt Bridge will give our learners everything they need to flourish and succeed in the wider world.

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