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Dragon class


The intent of the nurture base is that all pupils will leave able to function in the wider school. This includes following a class timetable with different teachers and different classrooms, being prepared and organised for lessons and knowing who they can go to for support.

To be able to deal with the everyday life of the wider school pupils in the nurture base need to develop a level of emotional resilience and maturity which is developed through the curriculum, Thrive interventions and the experiences provided for them.

The ultimate goal of the nurture base is to prepare the pupils to meet the requirements of the curriculum higher up in the school.


To achieve the intent we have weekly PSHE and Zones of Regulations lessons. The whole class takes part in form activities such as yoga, mindfulness, sensory time and daily check-ins. The pupils are educated within a specifically tailored nurturing environment to meet their needs at whichever stage of development they may be at.

Regular opportunities for exploitative play are encouraged inside the classroom and across the wider school using the muga, sports hall and outdoor exercise equipment, the pupils have weekly visits to the forest school on site.

Part of the curriculum is to provide the pupils with experiences that they would not usually get to take part in. This includes going on outdoor trips and using school transport. This could also include cooking a meal and sitting down to enjoy conversations.

As we encourage the pupils in the nurture base to develop at their own pace they may stay with us for varying lengths of time between 1 term-2 years. This requires a flexible curriculum including a 2 year rolling program of study to ensure no overlaps and gaps.


Pupils academic progress is tracked with assessments at the end of each term which is then recorded using each subject’s steps to progress. This data is then used to inform future planning and develop the provision in the following term.

The academic journey will be displayed in the pupil books and the content will affirm the outcomes for assessments and allow for dynamic planning of lessons and projects for the rest of the year.

Social and emotional progress is tracked using thrive assessments and the journey pupils make is displayed through their interventions and their progress transitioning back into the main school.

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