Upper school Pupils

There are 6 classes of pupils within the upper school. Pupils are supported by their Head Of Year, Form Tutors, and classroom support staff. There is a merit system in operation to encourage and reward good work and behaviour. A prefect system is used to give some responsibility to year 11 Pupils.





External Qualifications

Most subjects taught at Key Stage 4 offer an externally accredited qualification. All students will gain certification through the AQA Unit award Scheme and many will also obtain Entry Level Qualifications. GCSE Mathematics is now being taught to some pupils


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The Leavers Programme

The aim of the leavers programme is to develop the potential of all pupils and to prepare them for leaving school. A broad and balanced curriculum will provide pupils with the opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications. In addition to this a work related learning programme will help prepare individuals for leaving school. This is achieved through work experience, college links and involvement in the 14 19 collegiate