Student Council: March to July

Since January the Student Council have been working hard, discussing current issues that affect school, the wider community and the country. When the General Election was announced the council met to discuss what it meant for us and our country; upon developing a clear understanding about what a general election is the council decided they wanted to ensure the whole school had a similar understanding about this event.

Our members voted to deliver an assembly to the whole school, providing information about the General Election and the main parties involved. The council conducted their own research into the leaders and aims of the main political parties, they also decided they would like to hold a vote in school on the 8Th May and informing the school of this during their assembly. Most of the council took part in the assembly and spoke in front of the whole school.

The Student Council set up and ran the poll, providing each form group with an area to vote and the correct ballot papers. They collected and counted the votes and delivered the results to the head teacher. As a school we voted for a Labour government, Labour receiving 70 votes, Green Party 10 votes, Liberal democrats 6 votes, Conservatives 5 votes, UKIP 2 votes.

Also this term, some of the Student Council had the opportunity to speak to our school governors, informing them about what the council is doing and what they would like to do. Our council has highlighted that the condition of the upper school girls toilets need improving and this is a project we will be looking into for the coming year.


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