Some students will have the option to complete Functional Skills qualifications or a short course ICT GCSE qualification.

The course is designed to develop your ICT skills for both work and life. The course builds on knowledge, understanding and skills gained in KS4.

Year 12
Based around the Life and Living Skills qualification accredited by OCR and aims to develop the personal and social skills necessary for independent living. Programs are individual to each student and are available at Entry Levels 1-3.


The course will help you develop both your work and personal life skills. You will be learning how to gain skills for life and take responsibility for looking after your wellbeing.

The course aims to develop your ability to apply your knowledge and understanding in different practical areas.

It will also aim to help you make good choices with respect of health, practical skills and career pathways. You will be looking at health and safety, enterprise activities and practical skills in animal care and catering.

A unique experience to get involved in the making of a short film from both behind and in front of the camera.
Are you a star in the making?



During this year volunteering/work experience will form an important part of this course.

You will be developing your employability skills. You will spend two days a week rotating through a variety of placements and activities. These could include volunteering in the community, working outdoors and with animals, developing your life skills and broadening your life experiences.

You will participate in a work/volunteering placement for a full day a week for approximately two terms. You will be working in the local community (where this is appropriate) in a job category of your own choosing, with a view to informing your career choices and building up your CV for post 18 applications.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

All students will have the opportunity to participate in this scheme at bronze and silver levels. Participation aids personal and social development and gives opportunities to develop new skills and abilities through positive activities and residential experiences.






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