Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch up Premium








£10,000 (ESTIMATE)


Expenditure 16/17

•  Achievement of Reading Quality Award

•  Purchase of Kindles

•  Library books

•  Literacy Resources

•  Maths Resources

•  Mathletics Annual Subscription

•  Refurbishment of Quad Area to provide an outdoor reading/literacy area


How did the expenditure of 16/17 Allocation make a difference to the attainment of the pupils who benefit from the funding.


  • Small class sizes and TA support in all maths and English lessons.
  • Age appropriate but differentiated curriculum
  • Half-termly assessments throughout year, which allow progress to be tracked and interventions to be put in place rapidly should progress become a cause for concern.
  • Daily reading sessions to use library during breaks and lunchtimes.
  • Mathletics club for year 7 during dinner


Planned Expenditure for 2017/2018

•  Salary of TA for extra support Maths and English

•  Additional Resources Literacy/Numeracy

•  Mathletics Annual Subscription