Strategies for Using the Pupil Premium Funding to Address the Barriers of Educational Achievement faced by Eligible Pupils


  • Attendance and punctuality, work sent home for students to continue their work if off for any length of time. We use the local attendance service and home visits to help students who attendance is affecting progress made in school.
  • Mid-year transfers, ensure that students who transfer mid-year are given every opportunity to access the curriculum and given the support to address parts of the curriculum missing from previous education or progress made in these areas.
  • Additional class based or intervention work to accelerate progress of targeted groups or individuals.
  • Target cards and report card used to monitor and reward negative & positive behaviour
  • Pastoral/ mentoring counselling which raises self-esteem, extends their personal skill set and support pupils to make appropriate choices in order to maximise learning opportunities.


Alt Bridge has looked carefully at the needs of each student and has decided to use the following intervention strategies:

  • Providing small group work for pupils entitled to Pupil Premium funding with experienced teachers and teaching assistants focused on overcoming gaps in learning to help them make improved progress and to raise their standards of achievement:
  • Providing one to one support for students entitled to Pupil Premium funding to help them make improved progress and to raise their standards of achievement;
  • Provide a range of group and individual interventions to support identified needs of all pupils in receipt pf Pupil Premium.
  • Additional teaching and learning opportunities for pupils entitled to Pupil Premium funding proved through trained TA's or external agencies to help them make improved progress and to raise their standards of achievement.
  • Continue to adopt practices which have proven successful in raising pupil attainment i.e. outdoor adventure learning, addressing individual pupil needs and Extended Schools.


How we can Measure the impact of the Pupil Premium

  • The progress made towards narrowing the gap for all FSM/LAC pupils.
  • Eearly intervention and support for socially disadvantaged pupils impacts on progress.
  • The whole school approach to the educational achievement of children in receipt of pupil premium impacts on their progress.
  • Evidence that the positive school atmosphere in which pupil's differences are recognised and valued as full members of the school community enables the development of confident and independent.
  • The system for identifying, assessing and monitoring pupils is effective and evidences pupil progress.