KS4 Curriculum

Every pupil has now reached the point whereby they must opt to choose specific subjects to study in Years 10 and 11. Pupils have the opportunity to choose four vocational subjects and one enrichment subject. Some pupils are provided with guidance about opting for particular subjects. This guidance ensures that each pupil puts together a programme of study that is challenging and engaging, which will enable them to access future courses and employment in line with ability and their aspirations.

All pupils will continue to study the following compulsory subjects:

•  English

•  Maths

•  Science

•  ICT

•  PE


•  RE

Pupils have the opportunity to make four choices from the following list of ‘Vocational Studies' subjects:

•  Art

•  Catering

•  Design and Technology

•  Drama

•  Geography

•  History

•  Horticulture

•  Music

•  PE

•  Spanish

•  Textiles

Pupils have the opportunity to make one choice from the following list of ‘Enrichment' subjects:

•  Child Development

•  Duke of Edinburgh (D of E)

•  Enterprise Activities

•  Performing Arts

•  Social Communications

Parents can seek direct advice, make appointments or can contact our careers advisor directly through email at:

Steve Flood - info@steveflood.co.uk







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