Year-8 Summer Term

•  Plant and animal cells VIDEO HOMEWORK

Students compare plant and animal cells from microscope slides they prepare themselves. Structure and function is explored including how different cells act together in organs.

From this students investigate the structure of flowering plants. They dissect a flowering plant to follow the movement of water, minerals and sugars to each cell along the vascular system. The dissection also looks for energy storage in tubas and bulbs as when as the male and female reproductive organs in the flower.



•  Forces and fluids VIDEO HOMEWORK

Gravity and magnetism are amongst the forces explored as students carry out a series of experiments to explore motion and resistance to motion. The pushing force of propulsion is explored and students are asked to devise a way of ensuring cars and rockets travel in a straight line.

Comparisons are made of body weight on the Earth, Moon and Mars are linked to planet size and the gravitational force exerted.

The effects of forces on fluids in hydraulic systems are explored for their real world applications.



Each module is assessed by; a short written test, verbal progress assessment or a project assignment.

Autumn Spring Summer

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