Year-8 Spring Term

•  Light and sound VIDEO HOMEWORK

Energy waves are investigated in this topic using models to demonstrate compressional waves and oscilloscopes to measure wavelength and frequency. The electromagnetic spectrum is introduced, including the uses and dangers of ionising radiation.

The eye and ear structure and how they link to the brain are explored to help understand our perception of light and sound

•  Spring equinox, Easter Life VIDEO HOMEWORK

Spring is a time when days get longer, temperatures increase and reproduction in plants and animals is evident.

Students begin by investigating the tilt of the Earth on its axis towards the Sun from the spring equinox. They describe how this affects the seasons and has led to seasonal dormancy in deciduous woodlands. They investigate the role of hibernation and the ecology of woodland flowers.

Students follow the reproductive cycle of frogs in the science garden pond over the half term.

Autumn Spring Summer


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