Year-8 Autumn Term


Students investigate the properties of rocks including pH, porosity and resistance. They explore and model the 3 types of rock, igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic within the rock cycle.

After focussing on weathering and erosion, students finish the topic by examining the role of the fossil record in the development of evolutionary theory and providing evidence for extinction events.


•  Periodic Table VIDEO HOMEWORK

Students study scientific theeory on matter from Aristotle to Mendeleev through to modern understaqnding of super heavy elements. They chart the development of the Periodic Table and the patterns it demonstrates.

Students investigate the alkaline metals of groups 1 & 2 and the halogens of group 7, giving them an early insight into chemical compounds and bonding.


Autumn Spring Summer





Building on the chemistry learned in year 7 and utilising laboratory skills via 'Passport to Practical Science', students in year 8 will investigate the rocks and processes that build our planet. Practical elements will include rock identification through a series of diagnostic tests including, porosity, Ph, crystal formation and hardness. These investigations aim to consolidate key laboratory skills.

By Christmas, students will link geology with mineral extraction and the petrochemical industry and move on to the topic of Fuels . The unit will build on students' skills and knowledge acquired in year 7 throughout the 'Energy' topic