Year-7 Summer Term


Students take specific habitats and look at the physical adaptations of plants and animals that live there. Desert life also requires behavioural adaptations and how this affects the ecological communities that live there is explored.

Food chains and webs are introduced to learners.

Broader elements of invasive species impacts are included, and students supply their survey data to the UK Ladybird Survey.



The human body VIDEO HOMEWORK

The cells, organs and systems of the human body are investigated in this topic. The human skeleton, respiratory and digestive systems are explored in detail.

Students also research ways in which we can look after our health, including the consequences of smoking, narcotic s and alcohol abuse.


Each module is assessed by; a short written test, verbal progress assessment or a project assignment.


Autumn Spring Summer


Optional Home Work:

The science department endeavours to sets project style homework at the start of each unit. The homework will be directly related to the unit of study whilst allowing students to tailor them to own interests.

Whilst homework is totally voluntary the science department believes that it can be an excellent opportunity for parents and carers to support learning and have an informed understanding of their own son or daughters learning in science