Year-7 Spring Term


The Earth and space VIDEO HOMEWORK

Students investigate the structure of the Earth and its place in the solar system. The components of our solar system are then explored allowing students to map the main features of Mars and the Moon.

A question is asked, ‘is the Milky Way a typical galaxy?'

Acids, alkalis and metals VIDEO HOMEWORK




Students carry out a series of investigations into the reactivity of metals, neutralisation and roles acids and alkalis play in our everyday lives.

They become familiar with the pH scale and hazards associated with acids, bases and alkaline metals. The Periodic Table is introduced to students in this topic.


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Optional Home Work:

The science department endeavours to sets project style homework at the start of each unit. The homework will be directly related to the unit of study whilst allowing students to tailor them to own interests.Whilst homework is totally voluntary the science department believes that it can be an excellent opportunity for parents and carers to support learning and have an informed understanding of their own son or daughters learning in science