Religious Education

Religious and moral education is a shared responsibility. Form tutors together with Heads of School and Head and Deputy are responsible for conducting a daily act of worship. This can range from class, department or whole school assemblies. All pupils are expected to attend the varied pattern of assemblies, which are all based on good moral practice and a selected theme.


Pupils follow a rich curriculum , looking at Christian beliefs and practices , all the major world religions including Muslims , Jewish and Buddhists as well as life issues such euthanasia.

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Year Group Autumn Spring Summer

YEAR 7 Religious beliefs

Creation Big people Buddhists

YEAR 8 Religious Expression

Christian Faith Jewish faith Hindu faith

YEAR 9 Religious Teachings

Christian Faith Muslims exemplary Religious figures
YEAR 10 Living the Faith living the faith AQA-Unit AQA-Unit
YEAR 11 Big questions Big Questions AQA-Unit AQA-Unit