P.S.H.E / Citizenship at Alt Bridge

Alt Bridge supports the well being of all students through a taught programme covering Personal Development, Health Education and Social Development.

The programme provides opportunities for students to develop positive values and their self-esteem through active involvement, discussion and reflection.

The students have their own School Council which has provided the school with sensible feedback, and ideas for improvement. Presently, the students are involved in a bid for external funding in order to provide outside shade/shelter and seating for break and lunchtimes. Two members of the School Council represent the school at the Knowsley Youth Parliament.

The PSHE and Citizenship programme covers a comprehensive range of issues in order that our young people are in a position to make healthy, safe and informed choices about their lives. One issue which is explored is Personal Safety using resource materials from Milly's Fund, a charity set up by the parents of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler.

Students' awareness of possible risk situations is increased and skills and strategies are developed with them in order to deal with or avoid unnecessary dangers.
Up to date materials have been used in considering the problem of Racism. The Show Racism The Red Card project featuring prominent football stars has been used effectively in tackling prejudice



Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Settling into School
Target setting

Promoting self esteem
Healthy lifestyles
Diet and exercise

Resolving conflict
Festivals and celebrations


Personal hygiene

Staying safe
Social media and technology

Equality and diversity


Drugs education
Adolescence / puberty

Equality and respecting difference

Career education
Our environment
Housing and our local community


Keeping healthy
body image and body care
Resisting peer pressure
And anti social behavior

Sex and relationships
Being a good citizen
Rights and responsibilities

Government , elections and voting
Global environmental issues


Mental Health
First aid

Relationships adapting to change

Reconciliation and peace
Independent living



Prepare Pupils

The Citizenship and P.H.S.E programmes prepare pupils for more specific careers education which begins in the middle school, and forms an integral part of the upper school timetable. Lower school pupils who have an additional timetabled session on Kidscape, prepares them for issues they may face on the approach to adulthood.

Healthy Schools

We are committed to the Knowsley Healthy Schools programme. Alt Bridge has been accredited by the local authority for its work focussed on Healthy Eating and Citizenship.

A healthy school recognises the need to provide both a physical and social environment that is conducive to learning. A healthy school is one which is successful in helping students to do their best and build on their achievements.