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You can find information about curriculum teaching along with department enhancement: activities that happen within the department throughout the school year.

Curriculum Music

Curriculum music is taught in all five years of the school.

Years 7 - 9 follow elements of the national curriculum: see details below

Upper school music is currently taught in two strands: see below for details.

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Post-16 Music Provision



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Enhancing the curriculum

Year 7
Autumn Timbre and Texture
Spring Duration and Dynamics,
Summer Rhythm and Range ,


Year 8
Autumn Discovering how an ensemble keeps together
Spring Discovering how woodwind instruments
Summer Discovering how brass instruments produce their sound and blend


Year 9
Autumn using ICT software programmes
Spring RFurther efining compositional styles through the use of ipads
Summer Further refining of compositional styles using both ipads and ICT software.


Year 10
Autumn Listening and appraising a specific piece of music
Spring Pupils reprise the set piece in preparation for moving ahead to refine their own work.
Summer Pupils prepare for performance by having rehearsal sessions during lesson time.


Year 11
Autumn Keyboard skills are developed and enhanced by learning the set patterns
Spring Pupils learn to play a Blues shuffle on the drum kit
Summer Pupils learn how to perform the blues


Introduction to Drama Drama tools and skills

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