Year 10 Overview

•  Appreciation of music: Communicating through music.

This is a strand designed for under confident pupils, those pupils who have specific learning difficulties and does, in some cases, serve as therapy for those pupils who have anxieties in school and at home.

Pupils are encouraged to listen to a wide cross-section of music from all genres, and to appraise where appropriate. They are given opportunities to experience making live music, using tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments.

They are eventually tasked with producing a piece of music based on ideas presented to them and discussed as a group.



Pupils reprise the set piece in preparation for moving ahead to refine their own work.

They listen to other music, both of a likeness and of a contrasting nature to gain experience of different instrumental timbres and textures.

Pupils go to a live ensemble concert to experience how different instruments blend together to enhance sound and maximize the effect of compositional intention





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