Summer Term

Modelling with Spreadsheets - Pupils build upon already existing knowledge completing a variety of tasks on fictional scenarios identifying areas of strength and where knowledge needs strengthened. In this unit it's important to ensure pupils have fully grasped simple formulae, cell referencing etc. Pupils will be able to understand and describe how to construct and manipulate a spreadsheet model and predict consequences of certain decisions i.e. running a school tuck shop


Processing text and images - In this unit pupils will prepare a printed newspaper and produce a video news report. They gather, process and output information in text and image form.Pupils work to complete different aspects of a newspaper then join together to form a full newspaper and then work to produce a 'live' bulletin. They learn to develop strategies of group working including data sharing. There are a variety of opportunities for cross curricular links e.g. English, Geography (weather), MFL (newspaper can be translated).


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