Summer Term

Scratch- In this unit, pupils learn the basics of programming using Scratch. They learn how to draw algorithms to plan code, create loops, If.Then.Else statements, use variables and broadcast messages. They practise making several different types of games and finally plan, create and evaluate their own game about healthy eating.

E-Safety - This unit reaffirms importance of online safety that the pupils are made aware of in September and during PHSE/pastoral times. A more in-depth look teaches the pupils about how to stay safe when using the internet and social networking websites. They look at the effects of cyber bullying and what to do if they are being bullied or see somebody else being bullied. They also learn about the dangers to their technology including viruses, worms and Trojans. The students work together in groups to create an advertising campaign about what they have learnt including a TV advert and presentation which they will present to the rest of the class.


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