Spring Term

Using Internet to search large databases and to interpret information - "Not everything we read on the internet is accurate" (Abraham Lincoln). Pupils work through a variety of tasks to help learn to skim read and pick out only important pieces of information that they can also understand rather than just copy and pasting information from Wikipedia to answer questions. Pupils learn the benefits of inputting accurate information into search engines and at times they will be critical of content and may be able to check for different viewpoints. Pupils will present the researched information in form suitable of their audience. To ensure pupils don't waste time on the internet, staff will research suitable sites to ensure success.

Technology - This unit introduces pupils to some technological terminology and the history of computing. They will learn about hardware including input, output and storage devices. They will also look at software including operating systems, applications software and utilities software. They will learn about the main phases in the development of computers from the abacus to the present day and finally the development of the internet and cloud computing. This unit will give the pupils a deeper understanding of technology and make sure they are familiar with common terms.




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