Autumn Term

Social Networks - Staff and pupils have in depth discussions surrounding the numerous social networking apps and websites. A variety of issues are covered including online bullying, legal requirements and the way in which we interact with each other, Pupils are asked to produce a leaflet about the advantages and disadvantages of various social networking groups and learn to realise the growing impact they have on society. Pupils then get to debate whether the pros and cons of social networking and were they think it will develop in the future.

Spreadsheet modelling -Building upon previous spreadsheet knowledge, this unit pupils learn to use a spreadsheet to explore a mathematical model.Pupils will be taught to use formulae in spreadsheets to answer 'what if.?' questions. They will explore how changes in a spreadsheet affect results and identify simple rules. Pupilswill apply what they have learnt in this unit and understand that spreadsheets can be used to explore mathematical and scientific models. Pupils follow a Harry Potter themed task to help develop their understanding and learn to grasp new ideas and ways of creating formulae to generate answers.


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