Spring Term

Analysing data and asking questions -Pupils learn to use prepared databases to answer questions which rely on more than one variable. They will present data in graphical form print out their graphs and use them to help them answer questions relating to the data. Pupils will be able to build on what they have learnt in this unit when: investigating possible relationships between data in history, geography, science and mathematics, undertaking investigations that rely on more data than they are able to collect for themselves, for example when searching for information on the internet.





Scratch - Pupils will have an introductory workshop where they are shown basic aspects of Scratch in a whole day session by members of CLC. Following on from that workshop pupils will then develop their knowledge and understanding of this form of programming by designing new games and also building on their knowledge of coding by completing numerous tasks using iPads. Pupils become aware of how computer programming and technology affects our day to day life and how much reliance we have on computers living in a digital world





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