Autumn Term

Pupils are introduced to ICT and shown how to log on and save work followed by fundamental rules when using ICT in school

Introduction to PowerPoint - As a 'get to know you' project, pupils are asked to create a presentation all about themselves e.g. hobbies, interests, family, what they like in school. As well as developing new skills this also helps staff gain an insight into different topics of interest that the pupils have and help open lines of communication. Pupils have to provide information regarding topics that interest them and then insert relevant images that they can source from the internet; Pupils will begin to develop a variety of formatting skills and also learn a range of ways to make presentations unique to their own individual styles. Pupils also get the opportunity to demonstrate communication skills and build confidence by presenting their finished pieces of work to the rest of the class.

Introduction to Spreadsheet - Pupils are introduced to the basic skills of spreadsheets and gain an understanding of who would use spreadsheet software, and when and why they would use it. A variety of tasks are explored to develop skills and help understand new terminology. Again pupils are encouraged to interact with each other to help complete tasks and then with more learnt formatting skills pupils can explore and produce unique work. Pupils are taught how to incorporate graphs and made aware of cross curricular links with maths.

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