Year-9 Autumn Term

World Foods 1:

Through research activities and focused practical tasks pupils develop the skills needed to create food from different countries around the world

Unit 1: World Foods 1 - Pupils began a series that spans over the year looking and the food from different countries. The first part of this topic focused on the cuisine we recognise as 'typically' British. Following on from this, pupils research and explore the foods that come from Italy. Pupils learn the skills of making short crust pastry and fresh pasta from scratch. From the research they conducted and the skills that they learn they will produce a cheese and onion pie using their own pastry, and a bolognaise sauce to accompany their homemade pasta.








Year-9 Autumn Term

Scandinavian Christmas Stockings:

Through a Design and Make activity pupils learn key concepts and skills in order to design for a client and produce a prototype


Unit 2: Design and Make a Scandinavian Stocking - This unit is a 'design and make' activity that is textiles based. Pupils create and use mood boards to inspire them to design their own Christmas stocking based on the theme 'Scandinavian Christmas'. Pupils work through the design process to create their own Christmas stocking to take home. In order to realize their design ideas, they develop their skills at cutting out fabric, pinning and tacking fabric pieces together and using the sewing machine competently to stitch together a seam.



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