Year-8 Summer Term

Adding Texture to fabric:

Through a number of Focused Practical Tasks pupils learn to develop their skill using the sewing machine. Creating sample pieces of different techniques.

Unit 5: Adding Texture to Fabric - Pupils will work through a number of focused practical tasks that will enable them to develop their skill at using the sewing machine and hand sewing. They will create fabric samples to display in the form of a fabric picture that demonstrates their skill at satin stitching, appliqué and stitching on embellishments.




Year-8 Summer Term

Adding Colour To Fabric:

Pupils research different dying and colour techniques. Through FPTs they will be able to produce colour enhanced fabric samples. Culminating in designing and producing a colour enhanced T-Shirt.


Unit 6: Adding Colour to Fabric - During this unit, pupils will create a T-shirt design by adding colour to the T-shirt fabric. In order to successfully complete this unit pupils will explore the different methods used to add colour to fabric through tie-dying, fabric paint, fabric pencils, silk painting and batik. They will then gain the skills needed in order to produce their own samples of each technique and help them to design their T-shirt. They will then use their knowledge to create their design.


Autumn Spring Summer