ear-8 Spring Term

Making Healthy Food Choices 2:

Pupils develop an understanding of diets different people need to have through FPT's and DAMs activities.

Unit 3 - During this unit, pupils continue to explore the importance of getting the right balance of food in our diet. They discover how we can read and interpret the label on an item of food - highlighting extra sugar and fat in the food. Pupils learn how to use the quick 'traffic light' label used on food packaging to help them make decision about whether they regarded a product as a 'healthy' choice or not, exploring these principles during their cooking to produc e sugar and fat free muffins and homemade French bread pizza. They will also develop their taste testing skills by comparing shop bought and homemade French bread pizza.



Year-8 Spring Term

Company Design and Make:

Pupils work in groups to create their own food company. Working through different design and make activities they produce products for their company to develop and market


Unit 4: Team Cooking - Pupils work in a team of 2 or 3 to respond to a design challenge. As a team they work together to produce a company with a name and logo for their brand. In order to answer their design challenge they will need to research existing products that are in the market of 'convenience lunch' and as a group design their own convenience lunch items for their company. They will develop the skills needed to create a soup, home-made bread - to use in the making of a hot 'sub' sandwich.

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