Year-8 Autumn Term

Making Healthy Food Choices 1:

Pupils develop an understanding of a balanced diet and how to make 'healthy swaps' through FPT's and DAMs activities.

Unit 1 : Making Healthy Food Choices 1 - Pupils will develop an awareness of the importance of eating a balanced diet in order to keep our body healthy. The food products that they produce are based around swapping fast food meals that they love for a healthier, tastier, home-made version. They will produce quesadillas, chicken nuggets and wedges and a kebab.



Year-8 Autumn Term

Advent Calendar:

Through a Design and Make activity pupils learn key concepts and skills for designing for a target market and quality control

Unit 2: Design and Make an Advent Calendar - Year 8 pupils will work through a design and make task. From a design brief they will conduct research, collect inspiration and design ideas based on Christmas Advent Calendars. In order to realise their design ideas they will learn the necessary skills needed using textiles and textiles equipment and subsequently plan and make their chosen design. They will develop their sewing machine and hand sewing skills in order to produce their design and begin to understand how embellishments and different materials can be fixed to fabric.


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