Year-7 Summer Term

Learning to use the Sewing Machine:

Through a number of Focused Practical Tasks pupils learn the basic skills needed to use a sewing machine in order to make a textiles product.

Unit 5: Learning to use the Sewing Machine - Pupils will develop the skills needed to use a sewing machine. They will look at the importance of health and safety whilst working in the textiles room. Pupils will work through task in order to gain their 'sewing machine driving license'. They will be awarded this once they have successfully completed: stitching in a straight line, stitching in a curved line, stitching a straight seam, stitching a curved seam and using different types of stitches.





Year-7 Summer Term

Design and Make a Cushion:

Through a Design and Make activity pupils learn key concepts and skills for machine sewing such as seams and hems.

Unit 6: Pupils will work through the design process in order to answer a design brief. Through, research, design, planning, making and evaluation pupils will use their skills gained from unit 5 and their own creativity to produce a cushion.



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