Year-7 Spring Term

Me in the Kitchen 2:

Pupils discover through FPTs and DAMs how to use different equipment in the kitchen safely and Hygienically. Cooker, grill

Unit 3: Me in the Kitchen 2 - Year 7 Pupils were able to learn new skills with different equipment, they were introduced to the oven and how it is to be used safely and all pupils were successful in turning the oven on and using oven gloves to safely maneuver their dishes into and out of the oven. Pupils produced a batch of scones and Lentil and vegetable soup



Team cook Design and Make:
Pupils will have the opportunity to
develop their skills during FPT then using these skills work in pairs to tackle a number of ‘design and make’ challenges as a team.



Unit 4: Team Cooking: Cookie and Cupcake Company - During this unit pupils work together in a pair to produce their own brand and logo. They will research different ingredients and images of cupcakes and cookies to inspire their own creativity in designing their own. They will learn the practical skills needed to create and develop their own recipe whilst working through the design process


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