Year-7 Autumn Term

Me in the Kitchen 1:

Pupils discover through FPTs and DAMs how to use different equipment in the kitchen safely and Hygienically.

Autumn Term

Unit 1: Me in The Kitchen 1 - All year 7 groups became introduced to the food technology room. They explored the importance of all the health and safety preparations that need to be conducted before handling food. They began to use basic equipment and explored the different parts of a recipe and demonstrated how to follow a recipe to produce a finished dish. All year 7 pupils can now distinguish between gas and electric hobs and can safely turn on and use a hob correctly.



Year-7 Autumn Term

Ginger Bread Decorations:

Through a Design and Make activity pupils learn key concepts and skills for hand sewing.

Unit 2: Gingerbread Christmas Decoration - Year 7 pupils were introduced to the textiles element of Design Technology. They became familiar with using the equipment and terminology and became aware of health and safety issues concerning the textiles room. Pupils worked through the design process to create a gingerbread Christmas tree decoration, learning new skills - such as marking out and cutting fabric with the correct equipment, threading a needle and using 'blanket' stitch - in order to realise their ideas.



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Health and Safety


Textiles element of Design Technology


Gingerbread Christmas Decoration