We look at a range of ballads such as Lefty and Ned , The Highwayman , The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Charlotte Dymond . In this unit we study an array of traditional styles; pupils are supported to unravel the writer's craft and meaning.

Pupils are encouraged to use independent enquiry to formulate opinion and develop predictive skills. Multi-media resources are used to engage pupils and demonstrate how this poetic tradition is intended to be performed.

The Demon Headmaster (playscript) by Gillian Cross and Adrian Flynn

Think your teacher is bad? Think again! In this unit pupils follow a group of friends who take a stand against the actions of their Headmaster a Headmaster who wants to take over the world.

Pupils are supported with a range of activities focusing on performance, close text analysis, language and structure, together with differentiated writing tasks. Furthermore, pupils look more closely at directive issues such as props and staging.



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