Narrative Non-fiction: Biography

In this enthralling unit, pupils learn about the lives of inspirational athletes: Nicola Adams and Lionel Messi. We study complete texts based on each athlete and are taught to consider features of biographical writing, building on knowledge from the autobiographical unit studied in Year 7.

Pupils develop the skill of comparative writing, comparing and contrasting the journeys of these world class athletes. Pupils are taught to appreciate self belief, life experiences and how people can overcome difficult obstacles in order to achieve their dreams.


Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream'

The English department are keen to ensure that all students are able to access our rich literary heritage, and gain scope and knowledge through well differentiated tasks and resources. In this unit, we embrace Shakespeare's fantastical comedy, A Midsummer Night's Dream . We look at how although comedy, like language, has evolved, we are still able to recognise the talents and humour of texts written over 500 years ago.

We evaluate the ingredients required to make a comedy and how these are similar/different to a tragedy.

The pupils take on the role of a minor character (Bottom) and infer subtleties which are only hinted at in the play; they then expand on this and are given the freedom to transport us to their very own Shakespearian world.

Expressive arts are key to unlocking the realm of Shakespeare, so drama activities take centre stage for this unit. Pupils develop confidence through performance and gain understanding of how expression shapes meaning and brings texts to life.



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