Introduction to Shakespeare: Macbeth
In this unit pupils are introduced to the Bard himself by stepping back into Jacobean England and exploring the historical context of Macbeth . The English department are keen to ensure that all students access our rich literary heritage, and able to gain scope and depth of knowledge through well-differentiated tasks and resources.

Expressive arts are key to unlocking the realm of Shakespeare, so drama activities take centre stage for this unit. Pupils develop confidence through performance and gain understanding of how expression shapes meaning and brings texts to life.

Introduction to poetry

In this unit pupils are introduced to a range of poetry styles and the techniques which shape them. For instance: haikus, Limericks, Nonsense poems and much more. Pupils analyse poems for meaning and explore ideas, themes and poet's craft.

Once pupils have accessed a range of poems they are given a poetical license and get to create their very own anthology.



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