Year 10

Spring Term

Spring 1 "Hamlet"

Pupils continue their study of Shakespeare, which forms a cornerstone of the English Curriculum. They read Hamlet aloud, perform key scenes, hot seating tasks to familiarise themselves with Shakespeare's characters and language. In particular, they focus on understanding the play as a drama of conflict and on the rhythm and syllabification of blank verse.

A key skill we support our student to develop is to write at length, in a clear, structured and suitably formal, academic style. This requires control of appropriate word choices and complex sentence structures. Writing a summary of the play also requires them to make detailed reference to the text and use quotations to illustrate their knowledge.

Spring 2 Digital Media.

This popular unit affords pupils the opportunity to explore, analyse and explain their personal use of electronic media with a particular focus on computer games and social media. They consider games as "texts" and apply their knowledge of genre to the range of games they have played or researched. They apply and explain subject specific vocabulary and the extensive use of acronyms and abbreviation in digital media: for example, MMRPSSG (ask your children!). To continue to develop reading resilience and understanding of concepts like audience and purpose, they study a range of connected critical texts including a personal history of playing computer games, and articles about games and technology from tabloid newspapers and specialist magazines.

Students plan, draft, revise and complete written work on IPads, using a program called "Book Creator". This allows pupils to include images and hyper-links and present their written work to a very high standard. In our experience, students have been highly motivated by the chance to express themselves using this medium and strongly engage in their learning.

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