Design Technology

Welcome to the Design and Technology Department :

Design and Technology is a subject that aims to prepare pupils for today's world of rapidly changing technology.

At Alt Bridge the departments approach to Design and Technology is essentially based on the concept of 'Technology for all' and aims to challenge pupils to design and make creative products in 4 main areas: Resistant Materials, Graphics, Product Design and Electronics.

Pupils will learn to think creatively and solve problems, as individuals and as member's of a team. They will work as a designer who looks for opportunities to design and make useful products. Learn how to design things and begin to understand why products are designed and styled as they are. They learn how to make products in a wide range of materials including: woods, plastics, metals, paper, card and using electronic components.

Pupils will also learn how products have an effect on the world we live in and how they impact upon the environment and people to hopefully make the world a better place.

Ultimately we hope pupils learn how to become the designers and innovators of the future and have fun doing so!



Head of Department: Mr S Emmerson

Teacher of Technology: Mr S Farrimond

Teacher of Technology: Mr B McCauley

Teaching Assistant/Technician: Mr S Collins