YEAR 8 Summer


Summer A: Patterns in Nature:

This topic enables pupils to use the natural world as their inspiration. They also explore how artists have been influenced by pattern in nature. Key elements of art such as pattern, texture, line and form are identified and evaluated. Pupils will produce their own wallpaper patterns based on their research and exploration of different artists. Pupils will interpret pattern from plants through to camouflage. There are opportunities to use collage and traditional media as well as I Pad apps to repeat their pattern in digital form.

Summer B: Aboriginal Design

Pupils will learn about art in other cultures. Look at the use of symbols in art to discover meanings and how they can be the basis of a design that has a narrative. Understanding of natural pigments and where they come from is also shared. Pupils will create paintings using texture and symbols that have a narrative as well as their own didgeridoo models and boomerangs decorated in the style of aboriginal art.




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