YEAR 8 Spring



Spring A :Pop Art/Animating Art

Pupils will gain an awareness of the work of artists during the 50's and 60's pop culture and processes used. They will understand the work of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Hamilton and use paint and printing to produce their own pop culture pieces based on sweet wrapper designs. Bold colours and prints will enable pupils to emulate the work of the pop art movement. Opportunities to create 3D pieces are also provided.

Spring B: Figure Drawing:

Students are to be introduced to a range of artists who take the human form as the subject matter. Artists such as Niki de St Phalle, Elizabeth Frink, Henry Moore and Alberto Giacometti should be included. Students will develop figure drawings, allowing them to learn about the proportions of the human form and how to measure accurately. They will draw a figure in a variety of media in differing positions - seated, standing and crouching. Students will use these later to inform a 3D piece of art. Students will choose an art style to develop through 2D and 3D work.




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