YEAR 8 Autumn


Autumn A: Still life and Mark Making Techniques

Pupils use a range of objects and techniques to harness their observational skills in drawing. They look at using shading techniques for observational drawing as well as using collage to enhance their observations. Annotation is key throughout pupil sketchbooks and this skill is reinforced throughout the topic. Experimentation with a number of different materials and media allows pupils to explore shape, space, form and viewpoint. There are opportunities throughout the topic for pupils to use technology to manipulate and enhance their compositions.


Autumn B:African Masks:

This topic provides opportunity to explore spiritual and traditional influences in art. Pupils will research African cultures and record their ideas and observations in their sketch pads. Pupils will use this to inform their experiments and develop their skills and understanding. Final pieces will show spiritual significance in their use of colour, texture, tone and pattern. In addition a photomontage is created to enable pupils to reflect and evaluate their choices.







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